016 349 5407 016 349 5732 info@erosion-control.co.za 10 2nd Ave, Heidelberg, Heidelberg - GP, 1441 Your Trusted Land Rehabilitation Service Provider. Office Hours: 08:00am - 6:00pm Mon to Fri. sectors we work with  qUOTE REQUEST Dust & Erosion Control (PTY) LTD. has worked with organisations from different industries allowing the company to amass invaluable experience and expertise, enabling us to cater for various sectors. Agribusiness Dust & Erosion Control (PTY) LTD. assists land owners and users with rehabilitating land that has been damaged naturally or by poor agricultural practices into land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops. We also offer planting and ploughing services to organisations that need to outsource this process. Construction Construction companies use Dust & Erosion Control for building of roads, landscaping and soil erosion control solutions before and after completion of security estates, malls, highway bridges etc. Some of the construction work may be outsourced to us as well. Shorelines, Dams and River Control Rivers, Dams and shorelines requires specialise as poor management may lead to flooding for low lying residential areas and reduced storage capacity for dams due to siltation. Dust and Erosion Control implements combination of strategies and technologies which reduce inflows of sediments into storages  . Flooding Global Warming has meant that heavy rain storms have become the norm for many parts of the country, leading soil erosion and, in worse, road being being washed away. Dust and Erosion Control  offers Emergency Intevention solutions to government and property. Mining Mining and poor agricultural practices are 2 of the most common causes for soil erosion. We offer revegetation and other soil rehabilitation solutions to operating as well as mines that have been shut down. Conservation Agriculture There are a set of soil management practices that minimize the disruption of the soil's structure, composition and natural biodiversity. We offer consulting services to land owners such as farmers as well as governments departments. Appointment Booking For a mining,construction or manufacturing company which is looking for a partner which will assist with their Going Green Initiatives which entail expansion of vegetative cover, protective afforestation and maintenance of soil fertility, we are available to assist. Navigation Contact Us 016 349 5407 016 349 5732 info@erosion-control.co.za Appointment Booking Quote Request Sectors Our Services Our REferences Monday-Friday          08:00 - 18:00 Office Hours Saturday                     08:00 - 14:00 Sunday 			   Closed 016 341 7535 083 284 5385 | 073 654 4682 Dust and Erosion Control (PTY) LTD. © Copyright 2014 - 2021 All Rights Reserved | Privacy policy | Terms and Conditions
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